A Chat With @spz7dsn_graphic of BrickBeads

Building and maintaining a thriving art business is difficult, in the least requiring a constant stream of both new and recurring clients to maintain any level of success. The NFT space is no different. In addition, artists are coming to the NFT space in droves making it more and more difficult to be seen by potential collectors.

With this in mind, I’m putting together a series of posts highlighting influential NFT creators. Each post will be dedicated to a single artist so that I can share my own DYOR, bring awareness to important artists, and better clarify to beginners what the cryptoart NFT market looks like right now in order to set a benchmark for future comparisons. These are the interviews in the series so far:

Today I’m interviewing London-based @spz7dsn_graphic, the 15-year old designer behind BrickBeads and the BrickBeads art ecosystem. The youngest ever NFT artist to enter SuperRare, @spz7dsn_graphic is ambitious, passionate and determined. “My business is constantly growing and NFT sales allowed me to recently purchase a new computer and phone... I’m 100% sure that I will be completely financially independent by the time I’m 18.”

With his art already offered on Opensea, Foundation and SuperRare, @spz7dsn_graphic has no plans to slow down anytime soon and will be expanding the BrickBeads ecosystem with his SuperRare genesis drop: “To recap, I joined SR on the 13th of June, and became the youngest SR designer ever. My SR genesis is a 100X better work, completely unique on the platform, 100 days of work and 3/4 softwares to create it. The goal is to bring something mind blowing and unique to SR. I can't say too much, but it will probably be released around the first of September.”

Now let's get to some Q&A!

Interview of @spz7dsn_graphic

What is web3 culture?

Web3 culture is the community, language, engagement, sharing and building of artists and collectors in a blockchain world. In web3 identity is recognition, and as an artist recognition is everything. At only 15 years old, Web3 has given me the chance to be recognized for being myself, doing what I want, making a business of doing what I love, living with passion and enjoying new frens.

How do you describe your art?

I create BrickBeads (BBs), which started as ideas for 3D printed vases in 2019 but have since turned into my web3 brand. A whole new take on design, BrickBeads are not game characters or voxel art. BrickBeads is an easily-approached art ecosystem divided into high-quality 3D 1/1 collectibles, fine art, and in the future, editions as well as physical collectibles.

How do you determine your NFT floor price?

My floor price is determined by platform and quantity. SuperRare will have higher prices than OpenSea or collectibles. My collectibles are still premium but may be in quantities of 100 or 50. I started out extremely low, but then raised it. Next, I made a new collection, revamped the brand with it and higher quality, and raised the floor price. With time it nearly doubled. I made it so that early collectors get value and art gets better itself. Floor price does not apply to fine art, as it is another category.

My highest sales come from SuperRare, and my average sale is now 0.08 ETH… not low since I started with my first collection at 0.01 ETH and my ATH is 0.15 ETH. BrickBeads' value is determined by varied factors: their uniqueness, their distinct art ecosystem subdivided into distinct categories, but most importantly passion. I love a quote from Gary Vee, which states that you must bring value and that is what I do. I am an enthusiastic individual who makes art for people to enjoy and smile.

What does the NFT market look like in 5 years?

Perhaps more options will open for exclusive digital art, maybe technology will improve such that creators don’t need to pick a platform based on product or category. For example, right now the best platform for exclusive art is SuperRare, but the best for editions is Nifty Gateway, the best for photographers is Sloika, and the best for collections is Opensea or LR. Market wide so much will happen in five years… art will improve, cooler digital files will arise and better displays for NFTs/more IRL galleries will pop up. I’m hoping art collectors and connoisseurs will focus on up-and-coming artists, rather than only well-established icons, as more hype for digital art is created.

In closing …

I’d like to close with all the important DYOR links I could find as well as some of my favorite pieces from @spz7dsn_graphic.

DYOR Links: