Chatting With The RektGuy

Leaders in web3 Identity, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, CloneX, Doodles and Azuki were recognized in a recent blog post titled Azuki Leads In Web3 Identity. Here it was noted that web3, as a new social structure, “relies on digital Identity for coordination, communication, organization and transaction. Yielding authority, influence, sovereignty and family, an individual’s digital Identity has more value now than ever before. Identity has become the new money.”

And, in a bear market such as we have today, we can all identify with the spirit of the RektGuy. As a community that celebrates its losses, the RektGuy universe is brought to life in memes, confessions, and the perfectly relevant artwork of @osf_nft. No where can the RektGuy reality be better expressed than in “Professional Degen 4”- if you lived through the crypto crash of 2022, you get this …


I was recently able to catch up with @osf_nft for a quick chat - here’s what he had to say about markets, NFTs, and the future of RektGuy:

How do YOU define web3?

@OSF_NFT: “Collaborating instead of competing. Creating instead of extorting. Innovating instead of following.”

What is web3 culture?

@OSF_NFT: “Web3 culture is about changing narratives that have been in place for decades.”

What makes a good NFT experience?

@OSF_NFT: “most would say ‘making money’. That’s the sad reality. Some will say ‘seeing the future’, and imo that’s what’s most valuable.” 

What is the purpose of RektGuy?

@OSF_NFT: “To show you you’re not alone. 2022 has been shite. But it’s been shite for everyone. Let’s convert that shite into something positive…let’s meme the fuck out of it and turn it into something big.”

In what ways is RektGuy making an impact on web3 culture?

@OSF_NFT: “2022 will be a year to remember for crypto and for NFTs, but which projects will you remember this year? Which projects will have founders who will live and die by the hilt, through all the ups and all the downs. Which projects will be open about celebrating losses and embracing defeats? This is an open-ended question to your question.”

How are you impacting web3 culture?

@OSF_NFT: “I don't think I myself am impacting it...tough for one person to have an impact, but I definitely like to tout themes from my old career that historically have been overlooked in crypto such as ethics, customer (collector) relationships, etc.”

Why does your art have value?

@OSF_NFT: “Lol not sure really, maybe people like it aesthetically and maybe they can resonate with it. It's semi auto biographical and I'm just a run-of-the-mill degen like everyone else, so maybe it's relatable.”

Why does RektGuy have value, specifically?

@OSF_NFT: “A lot of the above...I think the timing of it also came at a moment when everything was down bad and people wanted to find a community or group to drown their sorrows in..IDK it kinda captured a weird moment in time by complete chance. Aesthetically I feel they are different, most pfps have pale or bright backgrounds with dark features on top, rektguy is one of the few pfps with black backgrounds and bright colours on top...something different and it gives off an exciting energy I feel.”

Any plans for expanding the RektGuy brand beyond art?

@OSF_NFT: “Yes...we've already had one IRL event which I feel was successful as we maxed out the venue capacity. I like the idea of it being a web3 brand but exploring IRL opportunities such as merch, drinks, events etc. Remember it's also CC0 so we want people to run with it.”

Wen RedLite District metaverse?

@OSF_NFT: “Lol! Well we own a lot of Otherside land, would love to build something there if that's how it'll work.”

What does the NFT market look like in 5 years? Where do you see the innovation?

@OSF_NFT: “It's going to be more than just art, gaming, collectibles etc. I'm a big believer that IRL goods such as cars, houses will end up being represented by NFTs and will be on-chain transactions. Think about how painful that and inefficient that shit is now. That's the big opp and I hope Ethereum can be scalable for it”

What’s your view on the NFT market right now?

@OSF_NFT: “I think there’s a lot of diamonds in the rough out there but also a lot of bad actors. Some projects treat their purchasers as consumers and some as collectors. It’s treacherous waters and I think a lot of due diligence is required to make the right long-term decisions. In the short term, it’s a degen’s paradise!”

Closing for now

Thanks for your time @OSF_NFT! Hey RektGuy and NFT fam - are there any other questions you’d like added to this blog? Glad to follow-up with the RektGuy for a part 2 of this blog.

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Disclaimer: The author owns several RektGuy NFTs (RektGuy#6071, RektGuy#4645, RektGuy#3834).