Project Advisory and Go-To-Market Strategy

"Brian’s knowledge of blockchain technologies, experience marketing cryptocurrencies, and reputation within the crypto industry have been important resources that RNDR Token and OTOY have leveraged in developing market strategy, growing brand footprint, and expanding community outreach. Brian is a quality marketer with a deep skill-set and dedication to productive, long-term relationships." - Kalin Stoyanchev, Render Token Project Manager, OTOY

“Brian and Quotidian Marketing earned our trust through honest communications, campaign frugality and laser-like focus on maximizing our ROI and market presence. Where persistence and endurance are required, Quotidian Marketing is creative, flexible and collaborative. They were always ready to answer our questions, share knowledge and resources with us and we've enjoyed working with Brian and are looking forward to continuing to grow together.” - Luka, Vox Finance Co-founder and Lead Blockchain Engineer

"Brian is one of the best marketers in the crypto space. His unique methods are what differentiate him from other agencies. His perception of ongoing market conditions is perfect. He can smell the next big thing in crypto, like masternodes, ICO, IEO, DeFi... Brian's Masternodemebro contest was one of the best contests crypto has ever seen." - @bit_gossip, Founder, Muhabbit

“Reputation is everything in crypto. Brian is well connected in this industry, knows your name, and filters out bad brands. He’s the only agent that understands the team and technology standards I require before associating my name with or committing my time to a blockchain project. Brian has a keen eye for future potential and is dedicated to his clients’ success.” - @CryptoBulld0g

"Brian is the consummate marketing professional especially in the blockchain space! He has an uncanny work ethic and is highly communicative in a global industry where establishing a long term connection between the community and crypto project is paramount to the past success of his marketing!" - @CryptoSlimer

“Working with Brian has always been a treat; I found myself coming out of each conversation knowing more, with genuinely new nuggets of insight and actionable items. This is the key for me, coming out of consultations with these insights that can level up our business is one thing, as few can deliver these sorts of insights regularly, but Brian also helped us turn insights into action items, understanding what we could do in the present to grow in the future.” - @cryptofitch, CMO, Beaxy

"I love the way Brian operates. He's always ready to communicate to clear Project demands! He has a wide knowledge of Crypto Projects and he puts in his real efforts. For someone who started with QuotidianMarketing, it was the best experience." - @CryptoLimbo_

“Working with Brian has been a great experience - he’s chill, helpful and communicates well. He’s always available to answer questions, glad to share knowledge and establishes long-term relationships for the best results for his clients and partners. Brian is a real Crypto Marketer.” - @DaanCrypto

“Brian and Quotidian Marketing are the go-to resources for effective, creative, cryptocurrency marketing campaigns. Through clear, collaborative communications, and with persistence in delivering quality results for quality clients, Brian earns trust and develops productive relationships. It’s a pleasure to work with a skilled and professional marketer like Brian and I highly recommend Quotidian Marketing for your project’s marketing needs.” - @cryptonator1337

“Brian has a hunger and drive for success which sets him aside from most. He not only has great ideas, but has the ability to implement and execute with class and professionalism. He is thoughtful in his approach and delivers more than he commits which is very well received and appreciated by the team.” -SteveAnon, JustBet

"Quotidian Marketing has been an essential part of our go-to market strategy via influencer marketing. Brian has been extremely friendly and engaged with us personally throughout, providing constant updates and pointing out every opportunity to improve our outreach. I would definitely recommend them!" - Amhearst, Marketing Director, Team3d & VIDYA Token

"100% satisfied!" - PorkonomicS, Yoink Network

"Working with Brian has always been very straightforward and direct. He doesn't waste time and knows his audience and business quite well. He is definitely someone I would recommend to any business looking to market and expand their company." - @imBagsy

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

"Quotidian Marketing has been a real pleasure to work with. My communication with Brian has always been extraordinarily pleasant. He has a very deep understanding of how marketing works and always manages to plan and execute perfectly. Brian is by far one of the most knowledgeable individuals I've ever worked with." - @TraderLenny

"It's great to talk with a crypto marketer who thinks out of the box and with so much experience. Truly a pleasure." - Mary T, Founder, Blockword Pro

"Brian communicates clearly and conducts professional campaigns. He's super kind and an awesome guy, as well. I highly recommend Quotidian Marketing for your crypto marketing needs!" - @CryptoYoddha

"Brian is someone that takes great passion in his work and delivers results. He greatly helped Zcoin grow our Facebook page organically and gave us important analytics to expand our community. He is flexible and really works hard to make your dollars go the extra mile.  More importantly, Brian is a pleasure to work with and good guy all around." - @ZreubenZ, Project Steward, Zcoin

“Brian provided us with an excellent quality service and delivered just as promised. There was a noticeable increase in interest and interaction from the wider community as a result of our collaboration with him - a  fantastic partner we intend to work with for the long term.” - PhoreCrypto

"As soon as we (Walsh Trading) started working with Brian our social media authority sky rocketed. He knows all the tricks of the trade to improve your presence in all areas of social media directed at your target audience. In today's fast paced information age it's imperative to have someone like Brian on your team. He is professional to say the least and will exceed your expectations." - William Reavis, Director Asset Management, Argo Futures

“Brian is a trustworthy, reliable, expert digital marketer who always brings excellent service to top blockchain projects. I know what to expect when I collaborate with Quotidian Marketing - professional communications, transparency, flexibility, and a dedication to marketing ROI for reputable projects that are leaders in their fields. Brian is a pleasure to work with, very timely, & a valuable resource in the crypto space.” - @CryptoOwenW

"Brian really has an eye for good projects, he just won't market any random project. Even with a big rep in this field this guy is down to earth and will talk to you like he is your childhood friend. Lucky enough to work with Brian." - @VEGETACRYPTO1

“My relationship with Brian dates back to 2017, when we first worked together. Since then, we are in constant contact, and I enjoy working with him very much. He knows the blockchain industry inside out and knows what he is doing, and is always striving for the best results.” - @crypto_blkbeard

"Brian is a true organic influencer and marketer with great abilities and a very appreciated flexibility. There’s no monkey-business with Brian, everything was very accurate and clearly explained together with reachable targets and a very ethics-centric approach. Plus, Brian is a human being before everything else, and it’s rare nowadays to work with a real pro that eventually becomes a real friend!" - @BeniIssembert, CMO, Concordium

Influencer Marketing Campaign Management

“Well versed in marketing cryptocurrencies and communicating with niche audiences, Brian is creative in his ability to transform insights into real, executable, impactful plans. Brian is trustworthy, reliable and an essential resource for the management of your community outreach campaigns. It’s a pleasure to work with Brian and I highly recommend Quotidian Marketing for your influencer marketing needs!” - Yuen Wong, Bitmart Managing Partner

“Brian is one of the most professional CryptoTwitter marketers I’ve worked with. I appreciate that Brian freely shares his knowledge and resources. With his guidance, I was able to build and manage effective influencer marketing campaigns for a variety of important business and technical development announcements.” - @CyhChloe, Influencer Marketing Campaign Manager, OKEx & Litecoin Foundation

“It's a pleasure to work with @BrianDColwell at Quotidian Marketing. He has proven himself to be a leading digital marketer in the crypto space, with expert knowledge of the industry and a great personality. Brian creates transparent and professional relationships between clients and influencers, which I greatly appreciate and find to be effective. This has given me a masterclass in marketing and advocating for the long-term success of crypto projects, teams and communities. I would recommend Quotidian Marketing to anyone and am looking forward to developing a long-term friendship with Brian.” - @CryptoMagnified

“Brian is a pleasure to work with. He communicates well, is very timely, and always comes with high-quality opportunities. I highly recommend Brian and Quotidian Marketing to everyone I work with.” - @theGemClub

"I like collaborating with Quotidian since their clients are always from a superb level. The internal communication about content is both professional and smooth." - @Coin_Shark

“I like working with Quotidian Marketing because of the transparency, flexibility, communication and professionalism with which campaigns are conducted. As the top digital marketing expert for blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations, Brian is trustworthy, reliable, creative, insightful, service-oriented and dedicated to quality results and relationships. I highly recommend Quotidian Marketing for the management of your influencer marketing campaigns.”- @CryptoSham

"Love working with Brian, the way paid marketing should be - efficient and effective!" - @Panama_TJ

"It has been a pleasure working with Brian. Always easy, always straight to the point. Exactly what you want in this industry or any. Trustworthy, reliable, accountable & professional." - @MacroCRG

“The way Quotidian Marketing manages campaigns has been nothing but stellar - Brian has been clear and direct with every campaign we've worked on to fulfill project needs and Brian always follows-up with good response from the team. One of the most professional marketing gurus in our industry who excels at communicating to help deliver a final product the company loves!” - @LilMoonLambo

“Brian brings a broad set of digital marketing skills to projects and his dedication to producing quality results has been integral in TokenSuite realizing new business opportunities. Brian’s professionalism makes him a valuable resource whose connections within the cryptocurrency industry enable the management of complex relationships and influencer marketing campaigns of all types. He has a clear understanding of target audiences, and thus creates the perfect narrative to effectively reach target groups. I highly recommend Quotidian Marketing for the management of your influencer marketing campaigns.” - Ali Omer, Founder & CEO, Tokensuite

"Quotidian Marketing campaigns are conducted fairly and professionally, while Brian has proven over and over again to be a class act. He's respectful, great with communication, and just enjoyable to work with. It has been an absolute pleasure!" - @Bullrun_Gravano

“Brian is literally the best person I could possibly ask to work for - he’s reliable, a man of his word, I've worked with him on numerous projects over the past 6 months and it's been an absolute pleasure on so many levels. The opportunity he provides is amazing, and I'd even go as far as to say I view him as a friend now as opposed to a business associate. He is 100% the go to man for marketing in the crypto space. I wouldn’t ever look elsewhere personally having worked with him and seen how he does everything.” - @BitcoinTrapper

Blog Writing, Whitepapers, and Content Marketing

“With his deep understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, and his experience working on traditional financial products, Brian is hugely knowledgeable and a valuable member of my team. He is creative, insightful and creates and executes impactful content marketing and community outreach strategies. Brian is easy to work with, reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to quality results and relationships.” - Zoe Cox, CMO, Divi Project

"Brian is dedicated to producing quality content and the interview piece he composed following his interview of the Aragon team was professional, thoughtful, and focused. Brian is creative and easy to work with." - @izqui9, CEO Aragon One, Co-Founder Aragon Project

"Brian is prompt, professional and had great attention to detail. He is courteous and has great communication skills. Would recommend." - @thorchain_org

"We've enjoyed working with Brian. It's wonderful to see that he has continued to write in this space and is now part of a growing marketing agency." - Adelyn Zhou, SmartContract CMO and Head of Chainlink Marketing

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