Azuki Leads In Web3 Identity

The Industrial Revolution enabled an increased scale in human organization that facilitated specialization and coordination. Groups of people were brought together in production processes, leading to the rise of commerce and infrastructure types previously hard to imagine.

The first infrastructure developed during the Industrial Revolution was transportation - roads, canals, rail, air - for the movement of people and goods. The second infrastructure developed was energy utilities - oil, pipelines, gas, electricity - for the transmission of power. The third infrastructure has been telecommunications - radio, tv, satellite, Internet - but to what end?

As metaverse, 5G and other telecom technologies continue to advance, the foundation of a new social structure has grown from infancy to wide-spread media attention. Called “web3”, this new social structure relies on digital Identity for coordination, communication, organization and transaction. Yielding authority, influence, sovereignty and family, an individual’s digital Identity has more value now than ever before. Identity has become the new money.

So who are the leaders in web3 Identity? Several front-runners stand out, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, CloneX and Doodles, but it would be careless to leave Azuki off this list. Azuki clearly understands the value of Identity, as evidenced at the recent NFTNYC event. Let’s take a look at event pictures and tweets showing Azuki’s unparalleled creativity in bringing their universe to life.

The Azuki Universe Brought To Life


Disclaimer: The author owns an Azuki NFT (Azuki#4780).