The NFT Role In Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution means transformation, opportunity, excitement, stress, degradation, and disruption. A process ongoing for the last several hundred years, it can be fairly argued that we’re now experiencing a new phase of Industrial Revolution, one that will shape the World in ways we do not yet fully understand.

As history has shown, revolutions in technology and organization are the two central features of industrialization. While blockchains do seem to fit the bill for massively disruptive technologies, what would a change in organization look like? Here, NFTs look to be the most likely candidate for spurring increased scale in human organization and bringing together groups of people in the production process.

Simply put, blockchains and NFTs are the latest versions of the Industrial Revolution’s essentials - technology plus organization. 

We’ve transitioned from a manufacturing-based to creativity-based culture - in the space where blockchain meets NFTs we should begin to see new kinds of stores, new habits of time, new work processes, new forms of communication, new kinds of commerce, new ideologies, new forms of play and leisure.

In this POST-industrial world, how we define ourselves and what society looks like for the next generation is for us to create. In a creativity-based culture, we feast on our own self-determination.

“In a dynamic creative industry the way is paved for artists, musicians, and other such types as industries of production decrease in precedence.” - Ellen Dunham-Jones, “New Urbanism as a Counter-Project to Post-Industrialism [The Promise of New Urbanism].”

Bullish NFTs.