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"Brian is dedicated to producing quality content and the interview piece he composed following his interview of the Aragon team was professional, thoughtful, and focused. Brian is creative and easy to work with." - @izqui9, CEO Aragon One, Co-Founder Aragon Project

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Chainlink & SmartContract - integration ANNs

"We've enjoyed working with Brian. It's wonderful to see that he has continued to write in this space and is now part of a growing marketing agency." - Adelyn Zhou, SmartContract CMO and Head of Chainlink Marketing

HyperDAO Integrating Chainlink as the Standard Oracle Solution to Power its DeFi Platform -

IRISnet Integrating with Chainlink to Support Interchain Interoperability Using Real-World Data -

Divi - writing, content marketing, social media management

“With his deep understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, and his experience working on traditional financial products, Brian is hugely knowledgeable and a valuable member of my team. He is creative, insightful and creates and executes impactful content marketing and community outreach strategies. Brian is easy to work with, reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to quality results and relationships.” - Zoe Cox, CMO, Divi Project

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#4IR Series - Part 1 -

#4IR Series - Part 2 -

Render Token & OTOY - content marketing, social media management

"Brian’s knowledge of blockchain technologies, experience marketing cryptocurrencies, and reputation within the crypto industry have been important resources that RNDR Token and OTOY have leveraged in developing market strategy, growing brand footprint, and expanding community outreach. Brian is a quality marketer with a deep skill-set and dedication to productive, long-term relationships." - Kalin Stoyanchev, Render Token Project Manager, OTOY

Most recent content marketing series of tweets below - NVIDIA’s GTC20 -

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"Brian is someone that takes great passion in his work and delivers results. He greatly helped Zcoin grow our Facebook page organically and gave us important analytics to expand our community. He is flexible and really works hard to make your dollars go the extra mile.  More importantly, Brian is a pleasure to work with and good guy all around." - @ZreubenZ, Project Steward, Zcoin

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Stablecoin Article Series

Maker DAO

Stablecoins: Use Cases

It would be easy to point to this year’s bear market as a primary reason for the existence of stablecoins. We all understand the desire for stability in prices for de-risking investment portfolios, after all, but do the reasons for stablecoins go beyond portfolio construction? Enjoy part 1 of this series, a starter on stablecoins that focuses on some key use cases and real-world applications. Read more.

Stablecoins: Collateralization Types

Despite the plethora of stablecoins coming to market in 2018, and the confusion created therein, the vast majority fall into three categories based on how the stablecoin is collateralized:

  1. Fiat-collateralized (Centralized)
  2. Crypto-collateralized (Decentralized)
  3. Non-collateralized (Algorithmic)

This article provides a brief explainer on the types of stablecoins. Read more.

Stablecoins: Strengths & Weaknesses

With a total addressable market of ALL the money in the world, a fiat-free, digital currency that’s price stable, such as Dai from MakerDAO, represents the opportunity to finally end hyperinflationary policies, economic controls, and mismanagement of national economies by weak governments around the world.

Now let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of stablecoins. Read more.

Cryptocurrency / Ambassador


As a BEAM Ambassador, Brian helped share the project's vision of complete financial sovereignty.  Learn more about the BEAM Ambassadors here.

Kristen published the following BEAM marketing profile, assessing the cryptocurrency project by marketing effectiveness relative to direct competitors:

Cryptocurrency / Content Marketing Strategy


After a month of volunteer work for PIVX, we were supported by donations for an additional month to assess the SEO status of the brand and suggest improvements. This is a summary of our findings and recommendations:

Commodities Trading / Social Media Marketing

Walsh Trading

Walsh Trading came to Brian for help with content promotion. They were investing time in daily podcasts, blogs, asset management updates, and more, but had not tapped into social media to amplify their messages.

Brian suggested a complete social media make-over and platform buildout. He focused on Twitter for SEO influence and LinkedIn to connect with energy and agricultural producers, which serve as the primary clients for Walsh (which is a commodities risk management and futures trading firm).

What follows is the presentation of findings Brian made to the executive team at Walsh Trading: