#4IR Crypto Product Marketing

Divi Wallet

While discussing cycles and correlations between past Industrial Revolutions, here Brian asks the question: “Where are we now?” and identifies Divi as an essential #4IR toolkit for disruption preparedness.

Part 1 - "In Divi’s newest blog post, the predictable path of Industrial Revolutions is discussed with a brief review of America’s past Industrial Revolutions. Asked is 'What comes next?' with thoughts on change as a catalyst for growth..."

Part 2 - "In his newest blog post, Brian identifies Divi as essential for #4IR preparedness while briefly discussing Fourth Industrial Revolution innovations, disruptions and opportunities..."

Blockchain Integration Announcements


Brian Colwell was contracted by Chainlink to assist in writing integration announcements for the following blockchain projects:

IRISnet Integrating with Chainlink to Support Interchain Interoperability Using Real-World Data

"By making Chainlink easily accessible on the IRIS Hub, developers can build next-generation decentralized applications that span across multiple blockchains and incorporate secure and reliable data feeds from trusted off-chain sources."

HyperDAO Integrating Chainlink as the Standard Oracle Solution to Power its DeFi Platform

"HyperDAO is integrating Chainlink’s world-class decentralized oracle network to bring high-quality market data to its DeFi products."

Cryptocurrency Blog Series

Aurora DAO

Quotidian Marketing was contracted by Aurora Dao to produce a five-blog series comparing the exchange tokens of several popular exchanges.

Part 1 (Exchange Basics)

“While many seek passive income to mitigate downside risk, some others seem to have figured out a not-so-secret-secret: exchanges with adoption make money in bullish AND bearish times… traders have to trade! Enjoy part 1 of this series- It’s a DYOR starter on several popular exchanges...”

Part 2 (Token Utility)

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are developing some of the most exciting advancements in the crypto space. Exchange tokens not only facilitate these advancements, but also capture the value of an exchange’s level of adoption (trade volume). Enjoy part 2 of this series- It’s a brief look at cryptocurrency exchange token utility…”

Part 3 (Valuation & Tokenomics)

“Cryptocurrencies are difficult to value because the industry is relatively new, and use-cases are still emerging. Exchange tokens, specifically, are challenging to appraise because of the difficulty in placing value on the various utility functions served by the token. I’ll be focusing on one valuation metric today, the TVEV, in an effort to stay focused on small steps of great research that lead, through process of elimination, to undervalued investment opportunities…”

Part 4 (The Exchange Matrix)

“Today, I show an Exchange Matrix for Crypto Exchange Tokens which, in aggregate, presents data from the previous issues in this series…”

Part 5 (Fee-Sharing Exchange Tokens)

“... some cryptocurrencies allow investors to earn a share of fees collected by the project. I find that ‘fee-sharing’ tokens are worth some additional research…”

Stablecoin Article Series

Maker DAO

Stablecoins: Use Cases

It would be easy to point to this year’s bear market as a primary reason for the existence of stablecoins. We all understand the desire for stability in prices for de-risking investment portfolios, after all, but do the reasons for stablecoins go beyond portfolio construction? Enjoy part 1 of this series, a starter on stablecoins that focuses on some key use cases and real-world applications. Read more.

Stablecoins: Collateralization Types

Despite the plethora of stablecoins coming to market in 2018, and the confusion created therein, the vast majority fall into three categories based on how the stablecoin is collateralized:

  1. Fiat-collateralized (Centralized)
  2. Crypto-collateralized (Decentralized)
  3. Non-collateralized (Algorithmic)

This article provides a brief explainer on the types of stablecoins. Read more.

Stablecoins: Strengths & Weaknesses

With a total addressable market of ALL the money in the world, a fiat-free, digital currency that’s price stable, such as Dai from MakerDAO, represents the opportunity to finally end hyperinflationary policies, economic controls, and mismanagement of national economies by weak governments around the world.

Now let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of stablecoins. Read more.

Cryptocurrency / Ambassador


As a BEAM Ambassador, Brian helped share the project's vision of complete financial sovereignty.  Learn more about the BEAM Ambassadors here.

Kristen published the following BEAM marketing profile, assessing the cryptocurrency project by marketing effectiveness relative to direct competitors:

Cryptocurrency / Content Marketing Strategy


After a month of volunteer work for PIVX, we were supported by donations for an additional month to assess the SEO status of the brand and suggest improvements. This is a summary of our findings and recommendations:

Commodities Trading / Social Media Marketing

Walsh Trading

Walsh Trading came to Brian for help with content promotion. They were investing time in daily podcasts, blogs, asset management updates, and more, but had not tapped into social media to amplify their messages.

Brian suggested a complete social media make-over and platform buildout. He focused on Twitter for SEO influence and LinkedIn to connect with energy and agricultural producers, which serve as the primary clients for Walsh (which is a commodities risk management and futures trading firm).

What follows is the presentation of findings Brian made to the executive team at Walsh Trading: