Current & Past Clients Include:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) & Yield Farming -

  1. Aluna
  2. Astronaut Token
  3. Crop Finance
  4. Cyberfi
  5. Dexe Network
  6. OKEx
  7. RootKit
  8. VOX finance

“Brian and Quotidian Marketing earned our trust through honest communications, campaign frugality and laser-like focus on maximizing our ROI and market presence. Where persistence and endurance are required, Quotidian Marketing is creative, flexible and collaborative. They were always ready to answer our questions, share knowledge and resources with us and we've enjoyed working with Brian and are looking forward to continuing to grow together.” - Luka, Vox Finance Co-founder and Lead Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain-based Utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) & 4IR Infrastructure -

  1. GYSR
  2. SmartContract (developers of Chainlink)
  3. SmartKey

"We've enjoyed working with Brian. It's wonderful to see that he has continued to write in this space and is now part of a growing marketing agency." - Adelyn Zhou, SmartContract CMO and Head of Chainlink Marketing

eSports, iGaming & NFTs -

  1. Bitfresh
  2. Blockduelers
  3. Doki Doki & Chainbinders
  4. NFT Lootbox
  5. Node Runners
  6. RNDR Network & OTOY International
  7. Stellar Invictus
  8. Verasity & eSports Fight Club

"Brian’s knowledge of blockchain technologies, experience marketing cryptocurrencies, and reputation within the crypto industry have been important resources that RNDR Token and OTOY have leveraged in developing market strategy, growing brand footprint, and expanding community outreach. Brian is a quality marketer with a deep skill-set and dedication to productive, long-term relationships." - Kalin Stoyanchev, Render Token Project Manager, OTOY

Fintech Products & Services -

  1. CryptEx Locker
  2. DIVI Project
  3. GET Protocol & Guts Tickets
  5. mp3 Finance &
  6. World Token
  7. YIELD App
  8. PlotX
  9. Unilayer

“With his deep understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, and his experience working on traditional financial products, Brian is hugely knowledgeable and a valuable member of my team. He is creative, insightful and creates and executes impactful content marketing and community outreach strategies. Brian is easy to work with, reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to quality results and relationships.” - Zoe Cox, CMO, Divi Project

Privacy Tech & Stablecoins -

  1. BEAM Privacy
  2. Firo (formerly Zcoin)
  3. MakerDAO & DAI

"Brian is someone that takes great passion in his work and delivers results. He greatly helped Zcoin grow our Facebook page organically and gave us important analytics to expand our community. He is flexible and really works hard to make your dollars go the extra mile.  More importantly, Brian is a pleasure to work with and good guy all around." - @ZreubenZ, Project Steward, Zcoin, now Firo